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ANNOUNCEMENT: Biggest Total War army 2!

Alright, my next new film will be a sequel to the “Biggest Total War Army Ever!” Film, which has been very succesfull. The new one, will be shot in Shogun 2, and it will be INGAME! Also it will be … Continue reading

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Shogun 2: The Hero

I’ve always wanted to do a fighting duel video. Shogun 2 was the way for my dream to come true. The amaizing graphics and animations was the opportunity for me to make a blast of a short film. And I’m … Continue reading

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Shogun 2 Cinematic Movie

As soon as the Shogun 2 Total War Demo got available I decided to get into moviemaking again. This film is no wonder, and not too well made, it was mostly just a way for me to get back into … Continue reading

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Biggest Total War Army Ever!

Alright, once again I wanted to show some sheer manpower. 50.000 men in an army in Medieval II Total War. The way I did the movie was recording several armies from different perspectives and then mixing it all together in … Continue reading

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Digital Resizing a fleet

There’s no doubt that one of the major selling points in Total War games is the grand feeling in the battles, due to thousands of soldiers. But yet, the size og armies and fleets are still far smaller than they … Continue reading

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Empire Naval Battle – Cinematic

After I made the Battle of Camden I decided to try making another Empire Total War cinematic battle video. Just this time it would be a naval battle. It took a long time to shoot the video, and the editing … Continue reading

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British Empire Tribute March

Inspired by the Soviet military marches, I decided to do a parody with the British. Its basicly just a lot of soldiers marching in front of the camera, displaying their military might. Enjoy! – Stoferr

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